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The retail
of the future

CUBRICK is an AI media robot platform that responds to customers and the environment with real-time content from high-performance micro LEDs, with a space full of fun stories, how to communicate with customers

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How should the communicating with the smart-adapted customers change?

CUBRICK has been adopted as a quarantine safety mobility robot in the Future Retail-oriented “The Hyundai Seoul” that finds no masks and high-fever patients in complex environments with a large number of moving customers and provides notifications. It provides the world’s first commercialized quarantine safety service and helps customers who visit “The Hyundai Seoul” safely shop.

The largest department store in Korea, The Hyundai Seoul, is more than 13,000㎡ in a single space, and it is impossible to operate safely only with existing technologies for autonomous driving with high open squares and complex movements. INTEGRIT’s third-generation autonomous driving provides safe service in a highly concentrated commercial facility with a cumulative driving of 428 km and 6,000 hours of operation without one accident.

Implemented with high-resolution 360 degree flexible LEDs, Cubrick’s AI media provides intelligent video and content depending on the environment and population characteristics such as time, space, location, and density, providing a new customer experience.

The largest department store in Korea [The Hyundai Seoul]

The alternative AI Media Robotics CUBRICK is with us
for this future retail.

Connected with a space full of pleasant stories, how to communicate with changed customers, and real-time content of high-performance micro LEDs, CUBRICK is an AI media robot platform that responds to customers and their environment.


CUBRICK creates
a safe and reliable space with intelligent quarantine

The high-performance thermal camera adopted by the CUBRICK TS system is the best thermal measurement equipment in the world, allowing up to 16 moving targets within 4m to be simultaneously heated and masked in 0.3 seconds. If you detect abnormal temperatures through facial recognition solutions or find a suspected person without a mask, mosaic personal information and location information are sent to the system to help the administrator take action. (The CUBRICK TS system does not retain personal information)

CUBRICK provides sophisticated and powerful AI vision recognition functions such as objects and human faces.

CUBRICK delivers the highest level of attention (92%) with its affective design, advanced media, and secure autonomous driving in complex user environments.

We also confirmed the high acceptance of personal information acquisition and verification procedures that are concerned in the process of facial recognition and thermal imaging body temperature measurement, as they are innovative services conducted through autonomous AI robots.

The CUBRICK TS offers a high level of confidence that innovation technology is adding safety to the space, and is a symbol of more modern differentiated quarantine safety services and innovation.

CUBRICK is a powerful media resource
with high brightness LEDs.

CUBRICK is the world’s first media robot, providing differentiated services such as spatial information, environmental context information, advertising, and campaigns, and implementing various business strategies in conjunction with legacy services.

CUBRICK exposes customized content and advertisements by identifying objects and pedestrians around it through verified and stable autonomous driving, moving to dense areas on its own, or identifying the population characteristics of nearby customers. You can upgrade to an ad-only platform that delivers customized, finely targeted information by sending specified content (campaigns, ads, etc.) to specific locations (stores) and conditions

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behind the scenes

CUBRICK TS system is the world’s first self-driving robot quarantine system in a commercial space, equipped with a high-resolution thermal imaging camera and facial recognition AI solution to quickly detect suspected fever patients and masks.

Is The Perfect Choice?

Why do super-large stores and department stores that tens of thousands of people a day visit choose CUBRICK TS system?

CUBRICK TS Special Supply Conditions.
Meet INTEGRIT’s special cloud services.


CUBRICK's third-generation AI self-driving cloud has been validated with industry-leading self-driving performance.

INTEGRIT's core self-driving technology, which combines high-performance edge computing and AI cloud, has been proven to be safe self-driving in commercial spaces such as Korea's largest shopping mall and department store showroom for 3,152 kilometers and 2,510 hours. The CUBRICK system is the only self-driving robot in Korea that is actually operated in a super-large commercial space where tens of thousands of one-way doors are concentrated, and is considered a proven and safe self-driving robot.

CUBRICK's AI interactive concierge service and various guidance, advertising, and campaign services based on indoor locations offer the most advanced alternatives for spatial intelligence.


Mobility with industry-leading high-performance thermal imaging cameras provides proven detection services.

The high-performance thermal camera adopted by the CUBRICK TS system is the highest specification of the world's high-temperature measuring equipment, allowing up to 16 moving targets within 4m to be simultaneously heated and masked in 0.3 seconds. Facial recognition solutions detect abnormal temperatures, find no-mask customers, and provide notifications to enable appropriate action.


CUBRICK is the only robot system with one-stop robot introduction, operation, and service control.

It enables various service expansion through cloud subscription such as registration and authentication of autonomous driving robots with various multi-robot specifications and functions, interaction and collaboration in security, mission management, scheduling, and compatibility with legacy system.

AI Media Robotics, Cubrick

How to communicate
with customers. CUBRICK is a user-friendly AI social robot.

With its affective design and intelligent driving characteristics, CUBRICK boasts the highest level of attention from visitors. We resolved concerns that personal detection functions such as facial recognition and thermal imaging body temperature measurement through robots, and provided high privacy with untact technology to confirm high acceptance by all visitors.

CUBRICK has become a symbol of customer satisfaction, trust, and innovation, arose from a differentiated space that provides safe quarantine.

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INTEGRIT is thinking about
the future of advanced service robots
and mobility services.

AI Media Robotics CUBRICK is working

with Space Intelligence and Future Retail.

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