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Open Robotics Platform for Hyper Robotics

Open Robotics Platform, AirPath®

The next-generation robotics platform
being combined on-board AI edge
and cloud hybrid provides an one-stop
key Solutions enabling
a cutting-edge smart mobility

The next steps
Accelerating the Hyper-Intelligence

Airpath, an optimized on-board embedded and edge cloud platform

based on Qualcomm Processor and Android enables high-performance robots

and mobility accelerated by hyper-intelligence.

Preparing for the era of hyper robots
toward super-intelligence
and hyper-connectivity

The next steps
Accelerating the Hyper-Intelligence

The next robotics platform,
, Opening the era
of future smart mobiliy

The platform for high-performance robots and mobility provides a versatile development environment for content providers and developers, responding to the next generation of digital integration.

It is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm processor and 5G module, and Android operating system with Linux and ROS integrated into a single board that guarantees compatibility and expansion. 

The Airpath® platform provides robust user services and a robot environment that accommodates a wide range of content providers and developers.

The AirPath® platform has built-in robotics core solutions and essential specifications required for robot and mobility development and compatibility, such as robot control, data set, authentication, and security, as an embedded framework. This saves more than 6 months of development time and enables rapid deployment to the field.

Enhanced connectivity with smart processors, AI edge framework

Proven connectivity, Qualcomm's cutting-edge processor optimized for Android, and 5G smart service enable high-performance robot systems to be easily and quickly implemented and put into the field.

Trusted datasets and services that ensure compatibility

Authentication, access, linkage and security environment for heterogeneous robots are provided. Build an active system that combines high-performance edge AI and AI cloud with standardized datasets

Flexible development environment that guarantees portability and scalability

By providing legacy contents and services, compatibility, sharing, and expansion between users, it supports upgrades after the release of robots and mobility products, and create a business model and service ecosystem.

A platform and operating system for compatibility and interoperability are essential elements for a new digital platform

Customers familiar with innovative communications, Internet open platforms, smart systems, and contents, and robot service sites are raising questions about the robot’s closed functions and non-expandable service environment. The success of future intelligent service robots lies in whether they can incorporate existing BMs, communicate with customers, and have an open environment in which contents and services are connected

We are creating an ecosystem for compatibility and expansion through integrated authentication, security, and open access environment for next smart mobility

Various robotics specialized companies are participating in building an open ecosystem such as access, authentication, and linkage environment to connect space and people, heterogeneous robots, digital systems and smart mobility into a single service. We pursue an open technology that allows more robot and mobility companies to participate

Qualcomm, SKT, and Integrit are collaborating to build a standardized development platform and ecosystem for smart mobility, and provide technical support for full-fledged market expansion of the smart mobility such as robots, drones, and next mobilities

A next-generation robotics platform
that enables hyper-connectivity,
preparing for the future hyper-mobility era

The beginning of implementing advanced intelligent robots and mobility starts with enhanced edge AI and cloud connectivity

The AIRPATH® platform provides an optimal development environment that can be used as a development platform ranging from industrial robots to high-performance service robots targeting a wide range of intelligent edge and cloud-native support, drones, advanced mobility, and UAM. By connecting with various legacy system resources, content, and AI platforms, high-quality robotics services can be quickly built and easily expanded.

provides an optimal solution for next-generation robots and mobility with a versatile open framework

The Qualcomm Snapdragon-based Android and ROS integrated embedded framework provides an integrated platform consisting of 5G cloud-based autonomous driving solutions, AI vision detection, voice recognition and conversation functions.

Local devices must be able to respond on their own in preparation for various unpredictable on-site issues and problems, network latency, and blackout. The safety of the intelligent system completed with the AI cloud is guaranteed by the powerful edge AI.

Hardware Architecture of the AIRPATH® Development Kit

Airpass equipped with Qualcomm’s AP chipset (QRB5165) and 5G communication module supports optional AI acceleration chip (AIC100) extension I/F, multiple GPIO ports for multi-camera and vision sensor expansion, and Ethercat.

Provides an optimal environment for developing next-generation robotics products with advanced specifications and high-performance mobility and compatibility and scalability required for intelligent robot implementation

Key Solutions

Provides a proven all-in-one integrated hardware package for advanced mobility and intelligent robot implementation

Provides immediate and practical alternatives such as AI vision recognition, access and control, interlocking, and compatibility datasets, security, and advanced autonomous driving for the development of AI robotics products such as high-performance mobility, service robots, and drones.

5G Connectivity

Supports powerful connectivity
and the latest 5G profile
to respond for versatile markets.

AirPath provides concrete alternatives for 5G, including mainstream, enterprise, and specialized networks in global sub-6GHz and mmWave bands.

Edge AI Combination

Supporting Advanced LiDAR & Vision fusion and advanced vision applications with high-performance AI vision

The Hyper Vision Package, which provides high-performance AI vision, offers high accuracy through Yolov5 and YoloX-based FairMOT object extraction, as well as the ByteTrack algorithm. It provides high reliability for target detection within crowds, maintaining and tracking objects, and decision-making.

By fusing multi-camera and LiDAR data, performing feature point extraction and analysis, similarity comparison, and predictive modeling, it enables the acquisition of more sophisticated visual meta-datasets.

The AirPath® platform, as the industry’s first implementation, overcomes the limitations of the rigidity and scalability of ROS (Robot Operating System) based on Ubuntu. It incorporates the Android operating system to create the first robotics-specific platform, allowing for robust compatibility and scalability in robot development.

Open Environment

Provides various and practical technical support and open structure for 3rd party compatibility and expansion

 For the installation and support of various embedded solutions and expanded AI and ML models, we aim for an open-structured embedded platform

Key Robotic Solutions

Provides a proven all-in-one integrated software package for advanced mobility and intelligent robot implementation

Provides immediate and practical alternatives such as AI vision recognition, access and control, interlocking, and compatibility datasets, security, and advanced autonomous driving for the development of AI robotics products such as high-performance mobility, service robots, and drones.

The robotics platform AIRPATH® DVK consists of a basic kit
and an advanced kit optimized for vision sensors and cameras,
and can effectively respond
to different functions and specifications

AirPath® V2 Basic Kit

Based on Qualcomm’s QRB5165 processor, you can create the optimal environment for autonomous robots and intelligent service robots. It provides an effective connectivity, compatibility, and scalable environment for a wide range of intelligent robot implementations, particularly when precise and safe autonomous navigation is required.

AirPath® V2 Vision Kit

The Vision Interface Board, in addition to the Basic Kit, includes MIPI-Mobile Camera and FHD USB Camera. It is designed for AI vision packages, accommodating up to 8 cameras and 2 3D cameras, along with real-time FHD video, LiDAR, and a maximum of 32 sensor data sets, all capable of being transmitted to the cloud with a 100ms latency in a 5G enhanced network environment.

AirPath® V2 Advanced Kit

The AirPass Vision Kit, in addition to the above features, includes a Depth Camera and a 360-degree 2D Lidar, allowing for the rapid deployment of AI autonomous driving and AI vision capabilities and services for robots.

It provides high-speed, low-latency cloud services supported by Qualcomm’s robotics processor and 5G public networks, enabling the optimization of AMR environments for unmanned automation and intelligent supply chain services in smart factories and smart buildings, including logistics, advanced manufacturing, security monitoring, and safety management.

AirPath® V2 5N 79

The 5G Private dedicated AirPass N79X is equipped with Qualcomm’s robotics platform QRB5165N and the Eum 5G communication chip SDX62. It supports general Linux and ROS, provides up to twice the battery life, seamless switching between Wi-Fi and 5G, and offers high-speed, low-latency data and AI services. It provides strong connectivity in 5G Private networks, enabling the rapid implementation of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), unmanned facilities, and intelligent robots in environments that demand high-speed, low-latency cloud capabilities.

Optional On-Board 5G Module

5G NR Sub-6 Bands

Supported(N78, N79)

4G DL:LTE Cat 19/UL: LTE Cat 18

It supports both Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) modes simultaneously.

The 5G module comprising AIRPATH On-Board not only receives certification from domestic telecommunications carriers but also provides specific solutions for 5G, including mainstream, enterprise, and specialized networks, in both global sub-6GHz and mmWave bands.

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