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Connecting People & Space,

People & Spaces

The new standard for
AI concierge robots,
connected to the future,
intelligent infotainment 'D.Cornic®',
connects space and people
as a new digital hub
to enjoy and experience.

The AI-enhanced hyper-robot can analyze massive amounts of data in seconds and present the optimal alternative to all of us.
Social robots are at the center of communication that connects space and people and connects people with people.


A service robot with customers
must be different from the start
as a digital interface that connects
the space and the user

What are the problems & hurdles of the service robot interface so far?

There have been countless attempts by social robots.
Concierge and docent robots with voice and conversation functions have also appeared.
However, it could not overcome the disgrace of being a moving kiosk that plays voice recorded on a touch screen because it can only move through a set limited route and cannot be linked with an operating system, any service platform, or natural language cloud A structure that cannot be extended or updated with various services cannot accommodate the changing needs of customers.

Without the ability to collect accurate robot data,
a digital twin of robots cannot be created.
Deconic is a new digital interface
for an intelligent space
where content & services are connected

Fields that directly operate robot services are questioning whether robots can collect accurate data and have data engineering for storage and aggregation. Since the robot is the best point of contact for delivering more advanced services to customers, whether the robot can collect accurate spatial and environmental data is an important factor in determining the usability of the robot.

In addition to this, it is possible to plan an optimized customer and site response scenario by preventing problems such as safety accidents that may occur in the field in advance.

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D.cornic® was born to deliver higher-quality robot services through intelligent robotics, providing more sophisticated and useful customer interactions, concierge services, high-quality sanitation detection, and security in environments with dense customer populations, such as indoor multi-facility complexes, shopping malls, department stores, hospitals, hotels, and multi-plexes. In noisy indoor settings, DecoNix integrates various AI clouds to offer voice conversation services. Additionally, it employs advanced vision detection systems and high-brightness LED displays to enhance the quality and safety of spaces, ushering in the next generation of robot services

D.Cornic Features

The Hyper Robot era, aiming for superintelligence and hyper-connectivity,
is powered by advanced intelligent robots
with robust onboard AI, 5G, and an open platform

The AIRPATH® platform offers an alternative for building high-performance next-generation mobility and advanced systems. Through state-of-the-art Qualcomm Robotics processors, integrated AI, 5G hardware boards, and an embedded framework combining Android and ROS, it aims to provide a range of solutions.

From cloud-based autonomous driving solutions, AI vision detection, AI dataset processing, to GPT AI voice cloud solutions, it serves as a high-performance robotics and mobility development platform targeting a broad spectrum of intelligent edge and cloud-native support. It seamlessly integrates with various legacy system resources, content, and AI platforms, enabling rapid construction, easy operation, and expansion of high-quality robotics services.

D.cornic® is a specialized concierge robot
that supports large-scale AI language models,
offering high-quality language and conversation services by integrating with ChatGPT Cloud

D.cornic®, supporting onboard AI and 5G, is an industry-first specialized chatbot that facilitates large-scale AI language model support. It seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT Cloud and Plug-ins, offering high-quality language and conversation services.

Born to provide more sophisticated and useful customer interactions, concierge services, and intelligent robots in service environments with dense customer populations, such as indoor multi-facility complexes, shopping malls, department stores, hospitals, hotels, and multiplexes.

D.cornic® Concierge Robot adopts powerful noise cancellation and a multi-channel microphone setup, ensuring high recognition rates even in noisy indoor environments. Leveraging Qualcomm’s robotics processors and 5G connectivity, it integrates with OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to offer high-quality voice conversation services, enabling professional and specialized customer interactions in various domains

a high-resolution AI vision system enabling to collect data
and seamlessly integrating it in real-time with the cloud,
the robotics platform, AirPath®, enables extensive connectivity
& infinite scalability for high-performance robots.

In the field of robot service operations, there is growing concern about whether robots are equipped with sophisticated data engineering capabilities for data collection, storage, and aggregation. Robots serve as the closest point of contact for customer AI services, and their precise collection of spatial and environmental data plays a decisive role in determining the robot’s utility. This capability allows for the anticipation and prevention of issues such as safety incidents that may occur on-site, enabling the planning of optimized customer interactions and on-site response scenarios.

The real-time monitoring platform, integrated with high-resolution multi-camera and advanced sensor systems on Platy, ensures that even small changes and unpredictable risks between spaces and customers are detected without oversight. It provides optimal responses, thus preventing safety incidents in advance.

The VAISION solution developed by Integrit integrates multi-camera and AI vision recognition solutions such as stereo vision cameras, optical zoom cameras, and thermal imaging cameras.
It is possible to identify patients with suspected high fever, no-mask, customer density and movement, population number, and spatial information.


The hyper-vision system with a high-performance FHD optical zoom camera, two stereo vision cameras, three security cameras and a thermal imager can be operated with a wide viewing angle in combination with the 360-degree infinitely rotatable head and Stewart platform. You can collect necessary video data without rent and enhance security and monitoring functions.


The motion intelligence system, which is integrated with multiple analysis and control technologies, implements a motion interface that responds to the customer’s wishes and function requests in addition to the existing communication through voice, conversation, and display, opening the era of social robots with added emotion.


Through a media control cloud that provides different content and information according to time and place according to a specific contextual information context, D.Cornic delivers targeted content such as voice, photo, and multimedia to customers located in a specified place and displays the results. You can get feedback.

Integrated into INTEGRIT’s robotics platform, ‘ForestVoice’ is based on extensive know-how, intellectual property and global partnerships that combine hardware and embedded software, including powerful voice preprocessing and selective cloud systems. The service robot was the first to implement a voice conversation service function operating in a noisy indoor space.

전처리 하드웨어 시스템

For the first time in service robots, we implemented stable voice and conversation service functions in mobility, an indoor robot that moves in a vast space full of echo, howling, and noise.


By selectively connecting various conversation engines such as Google Assistant and SKT, various voice services suitable for the purpose of the service are implemented in the robot.


The robot’s main display adopts a high-resolution 10-inch flexible OLED that supports a touch screen, providing an emotional digital interface experience with a sensuous design.

D.Cornic considers
the future of Robots
that can be used
in our daily life

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D.Cornic services

In the era of hyper-robots that analyze space and people, massive data analysis and offer solutions, and provide necessary information by connecting space and customers with a new interface, D.Cornic provides the answer.

AI Concierge

Upgrade customer convenience to the next level with a voice conversation interface.

Location Based Media

Provides experiential service with sophisticated location-based intelligent media broadcasting service

No-mask & fever detection

Integrit’s AI quarantine detection robotics system has become ‘AI Tech FLEX’, a symbol of a hot place

Target Marketing

Digital transformation with a media matching service that responds to space, customers, and location

Security & Patrol

The high-resolution hyper-vision system identifies risk factors and prevents safety accidents 24 hours a day through real-time control

AI Assistant

An intelligent robot that is connected to smart services becomes a hub for all digital services.

Media and concierge functions
that support hyper-connection set the standard
for high-performance service robots.

D.Cornic helps you build
up your Digital Space

D.Cornic, a new standard for intelligent service robots, analyzes and responds to spaces with advanced hardware systems and hyper-intelligence, and provides customers with a unique experience.

Connectivity with Qualcomm Snapdragon

Embedded with Qualcomm's Snapdragon and Integrity Robotics platform, powerful on-device AI and cloud are combined to usher in the era of high-performance robots

Extended service environment with Android

A robot platform that effectively combines Android and ROS can expand services by exchanging real-time data and linking new content freely

Proven, high-performance cloud autonomous driving

Autonomous driving platform with proven technology and safety boasting more than 5,000 km of cumulative driving in mega places that require stringent quality

Security and quarantine detection with hyper-vision system

The hyper-vision system, which combines a thermal imaging camera and high-resolution multi-cam, vision sensor and recognition system, detects set risks in real time and provides alerts

Real-time control of robots through digital twins

It provides data science and digital twin through robots as a real-time control and control service and can be linked with various digital resources.

Hybrid AI robotics platform on-device and cloud

A robot system, control, and data platform that can exchange real-time data of robots and interact with content is the core competency of Integrit Robotics

Responsive AI media based on location and customer

D.Cornic is a location-based media casting service that effectively provides AI advertisements and targeted campaigns, becoming a new digital media that catches the eye

Voice Concierge and Global AI Conversation Engine

D.Cornic is the first in the robot industry to implement an AI concierge service that provides voice conversations, and is playing an active role as a professional docent robot.

An open platform for security & authentication of robot data

It supports an open robotics platform for access, compatibility, interworking and security of service robots with various functions

Robot Data Management & Data Observability for Smarter Decisions.

Supports open robot data platforms and ecosystems such as authentication and access for service robot data sharing, data sets and pipelines for compatibility and interworking.

Future intelligent service robots will become data hubs that connect space and people, digital virtualization systems and the present. Sharing ‘connectivity’ and ‘intelligence’ for connection and compatibility is evaluated as a key feature of future intelligent robots. The Deconic System is working with global companies on certification and security, spatial data sharing, and standardization of access environments to easily connect and integrate into a single service with various service robots introduced by customers.

It complies with a strong compatibility and interlocking environment that maximizes the utilization and utility of the customer's robot required by intelligent service robots.

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