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The future of smart mobility presented
at MWC2023 Barcelona

at a glance of

MWC 2023

Leap forward for next-generation
smart mobility and ecosystem

Empowering to the Hyper-Robotics

A new standard for future-connected smart mobility and a next-generation robotics platform for hyper-intelligence will be presented at MWC.

Visit us at MWC Hall 3 3130

Intigrit is collaborating with Qualcomm and SK Telecom to develop next-generation robotics platforms and vitalize the smart mobility ecosystem. An unveil event will be held for ‘AirPath®’, an open robotics platform that expands and compatible with heterogeneous robots and mobility functions and services. The industry's first smart mobility D.Cornic robot system developed based on 'AirPath®' will be showcased for the first time at MWC 2023 SKT booth.

A Significant Three-Way Partnership

On the 24nd of February 2023, Intigrit announced that it would commercialize the robotics platform AirPath®, and that it would be unveiled to the global market through the upcoming MWC 2023 Barcelona exhibition.

The robotics development kit AirPath® is based on Qualcomm’s QRB5165 processor, and develops high-performance robots and mobility with chip-on-board hardware that links 5G communication modules, high-resolution cameras, LIDAR, and vision cameras. It provides flexibility and scalability by providing core software such as autonomous driving, AI vision, and voice conversation solutions required for the industry as an embedded framework.

Integrit has been collaborating with Qualcomm for the development and commercialization of AirPath®, an open robotics platform, and has developed core technologies and new specifications required for next-generation high-performance robots and mobility development and services, as well as incompatible interworking between heterogeneous robots. The focus has been on ways to solve the problem and ensure the quality and security of robot data.

Integrit plans to showcase robot products and advanced robot services applied with the AirPath® platform, which is the result of this collaboration, during the MWC 2023 Barcelona exhibition.

Presenting innovations in new technologies

Integrit’s AirPath® platform focuses on an edge hybrid cloud system that enhances the cognitive capabilities of intelligent robots and advanced mobility through enhanced edge AI and 5G connectivity and decides on its own in conjunction with the real-time cloud. This enhances cloud-native performance and enables the construction of a broad coverage and seamlessly robust cloud environment for robots and mobility operating in vast areas beyond limited areas.

The AirPath® platform is equipped with a Qualcomm QRB5165 high-performance processor which is built in Qualcomm® AI Engine and Qualcomm® Hexagon ™ Tensor Accelerator (HTA), specialized for robotics, providing advanced deep learning and edge AI performance such as powerful machine learning, image signal processing (ISP), video analysis (EVA), and vision computing.

AirPath® integrates up to 7 cameras, lidar, depth camera, lidar, multi-camera, and various sensor systems required for high-performance robots and mobility, and also provides a wide range of interfaces such as GPIO, USB, and EtherCAT. Through this, it is possible to implement and expand a more flexible and faster robot system.

In order to overcome the rigidity and scalability limitations of Ubuntu-based ROS, an operating system commonly used in existing industrial robots and the IoT, the AirPath® platform applied the Android OS, which is widely used in smart devices. . It is the first in the industry to implement the first robotics platform equipped with a hybrid framework that integrates ROS and Android OS on a single board, enabling robot development with strong compatibility and scalability.

A Leap towards the Smart Mobility Era

The AirPath® platform implemented the first dedicated robotics platform equipped with the Android operating system to overcome the limitations of rigidity and scalability of Linux-based ROS. This enables robot development that offers strong compatibility and scalability.

In addition, the AirPath® platform synchronizes space, environment, population information, positioning, driving information and device information acquired and processed from real-time sensors and cameras from robots and mobility and defines them as a data matrix, It manages the overall data pipeline, including data protection, safety, security, and quality, from set creation to storage, exchange, and utilization, and provides an authentication system. This data system helps build reliable robot services, such as remote control, safety, and risk management, which are stumbling blocks in the process of putting actual robots and mobility into service sites.

This hybrid operating system and platform for data compatibility and sharing will dramatically improve the content and service development environment beyond the limits of incompatibility between robots and mobility services in the future, and provide easy access to Internet content or corporate systems through general-purpose applications. It is expected that smart robots and the smart era will open in earnest as functions and various services can be downloaded and updated according to user needs even after launch.

robotics Plarform Airpath®,
a Clear Answer for High-Performance Smart Mobility

An advanced robotics platform that combines powerful edge AI and cloud to support high-performance, cutting-edge robot development.