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인티그리트는 우리의 일상과 연결되는 미래 소셜로봇과 AI 로보틱스 서비스를 향한 구체적인 대안을 제시하고 있습니다. 인티그리트만의 인사이트를 경험해 보세요 

There's a story of challenge and innovation that INTEGRIT creates.

INTEGRIT spurs the space information service using robots after obtaining government approval of 'regulatory sandbox' for intelligent robot’s quarantine detection.

2022. 4. 29.

고객의 방역 탐지, 공간의 안전관리도 지능형 서비스 로봇이 책임진다,

실시간 방역 탐지, 안전관리 로봇 서비스로, 코로나 엔데믹 시대 준비한다.

INTEGRIT announced on the 28th that its robot platform, which provides customer quarantine detection and safety management services such as characteristics of customers in motion, dangerous situations, high fever and no mask situations, passed the government’s “regulatory sandbox” for the first time in the robot industry.

Until now, handling human face recognition information in an autonomous driving robot other than a fixed CCTV has been limited for personal information protection. In addition, various businesses are expected to be expanded for the safety of multi-use spaces in the non-face-to-face era, given that robot-linked technologies that can team active customers at a long distance to determine specific environments such as heat information and dangerous situations and provide real-time monitoring and countermeasures have passed.

[Source: Seoul Economic TV]

INTEGRIT signed a business cooperation with Lotte World for next-generation AI robot services and provides intelligent media and docent services.

2022. 2. 11.

인티그리트, 롯데월드와 MOU(양해각서)를 체결하고 롯데월드 어드벤처와 민속박물관에서 AI미디어 로봇을 이용한 지능형 서비스 사업협력 합의

INTEGRIT, a company specializing in AI robotics, signed a memorandum of understanding with Lotte World on February 9.
INTEGRIT announced that it will provide advanced AI quarantine detection robot services and intelligent AI voice recognition docent services at Lotte World Adventure and Folk Museum, the largest indoor theme parks in Korea.

Through this business cooperation, Lotte World will jointly provide a new concept of intelligent robot service optimized for multi-use mega-places such as theme parks and museums through core technologies and know-how on AI media robot systems and operating platforms owned by INTEGRIT.

[Source: Money Today]

INTEGRIT commercializes 5G real-time control cloud services for intelligent service robots

2021. 10. 21.

로봇의 인증과 보안, 접속, 데이터 품질 관리, 로봇의 운영과 상태, 관리와 제어를 위한 오픈 플랫폼 발표, 글로벌 로보틱스 기업과도 협업 확대

In February, INTEGRIT supplied the world’s first media robot “CUBRICK” to “The Hyundai Seoul” and introduced a robot service that provides enhanced real-time quarantine detection and control functions at Shinsegae Department Store Art & Science and visualizes major indoor space data using 5G networks….

INTEGRIT, which has presented new areas of service robots with intelligent media robots in large distribution service spaces and super-large department stores, has the highest level of safety in the industry by setting a record of accumulated autonomous driving of 3,700 hours and 4,417km, and provides real-time quarantine safety services.

[Source: Money Today]

INTEGRIT Signs ‘CUBRICK’ Supply Contract with Shinsegae Department Store and unveils Advanced AI Robot Service with advanced technology.

2021. 8. 27.

발열 의심환자와 노마스크 고객을 찾아내는 지능형 방역 탐지 로봇으로, 언택트 시대 코로나 시대 방역의 빈틈을 메꾼다.

INTEGRIT announced that they will unveil an advanced AI quarantine detection robot service at Shinsegae Department Store Art & Science, that will open on the 27th.

INTEGRIT, a company specializing in AI robotics, signed a contract to supply and operate CUBRICK TS, which has enhanced quarantine detection function, to Shinsegae Department Store on the 26th. The AI quarantine detection robot “CUBRICK” will be unveiled at Shinsegae Department Store, that will open on the 27th and will be the largest department store in the central region

[Source: eDaily]

Hyundai Futurenet signed an agreement with INTEGRIT to drive new business of 'AI Media Mobility'

2021. 3. 12.

차세대 ‘미디어 모빌리티 플랫폼’ 구축한다“인티그리트 ‘큐브릭’…주변 환경 실시간 파악

Hyundai FutureNet signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with INTEGRIT, a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) autonomous driving robots, on the 11th. Through this agreement, Hyundai FutureNet plans to build a next-generation ‘media mobility platform’ by combining AI autonomous driving technology into the media infrastructure of the existing digital signage (outdoor advertising using digital information displays).

In particular, it is possible to adapt to the environment by providing appropriate information and content by identifying the surrounding environment in real-time and identifying the age and emotions of the target. It uses a cloud platform and fusion sensing that combines high-performance LiDAR (a technology that measures the distance to objects and images objects), vision cameras, and infrared sensors to use detailed autonomous driving within 1cm of the error range.

[Source: Electronic newspaper]

INTEGRIT signs robot supply contract with 'The Hyundai Seoul' to unveil world's first AI media robot 'CUBRICK'

2021. 2. 26.

현대백화점의 플래그십 스토어 ‘더현대 서울‘과 3개년 로봇 공급 및 서비스 운영계약으로 미디어로봇 상용서비스 개시
초 개인화된 타깃 광고 캠페인과 맞춤형 AI 큐레이션 서비스를 제공
발열감지, 손소독 안내, 마스크 착용 등 방역 탐지, 안전괸리 기능도 제공

On February 24, INTEGRIT, a company specializing in AI robotics, unveiled the commercial service of the AI media robot “CUBRICK” at the flagship store “The Hyundai Seoul” by Hyundai Department Store in Yeouido. “CUBRICK” is the world’s first AI media robot that recognizes objects, spaces, and environments, and provides a media mobility platform that shows customized advertisements according to customers’ reactions by finding and displaying matching video content according to real-time situation.

[Source: Seoul Economic Daily]

Korea Electronic Show 2020


Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and organized by the Korea Electronics Industry Promotion Association, the Korea Electronics Show 2020 was held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul. More than 300 companies participated in the KES to showcase high-tech products and technologies at 600 booths.

INTEGRIT introduced Media Robotics ‘CUBRICK’ at Samsung Lab Booth, a LiDAR company. At the KES2020, INTEGRIT and LG introduced autonomous driving robots, but only INTEGRIT performed demonstration in the exhibition hall

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