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Smart Factory, with Hyper-Robotics

Complete with a reliable smart factory, data completeness, and hyper-robotics.

By linking physical systems to digital spaces, Smart Factory is organizing and increasing efficiency throughout the entire production process, from manufacturing and production tools and supply chains to individual workers in the workplace.
However, reliability of data that relies on sensors in production systems, such as equipment and machinery in the field, results in trust issues across the smart factory, including analysis, judgment, and action.
Having a procedure to verify the malfunction, error, and uncertainty of each stage with a separate robot system is an absolute task to complete the smart factory and increase trust.
Validation and detection for better decisions, Hyper-Robotics
Intelligent robots that integrate with the control cloud in unmanned factories and smart factories cross-check the critical data, processes, and sensors set by each process in the field, prevent problems, and make them a reliable system.


Connected Cloud

It works with control systems and various physical systems to complete one advanced smart factory solution through data and feedback.


Context Autonomous

When abnormalities are detected through each system and facility data and feedback, the robot moves to the site and collects more precise data and reports.


Digital Twin

It converts the status of the actual work space into a sophisticated virtual space, digital twin, with a flyinglet that works with the robot. Check how fully and effectively the robot operates in the field


Always be awake

In conjunction with the sensor data cloud applied to each process, we check the malfunctioning and error of the sensor from time to time to ensure the safety of the facility and process.Prevent accidents in advance.

Intelligent robots with high-performance cameras and sophisticated thermal images work with smart factory data clouds to detect and visualize process-wide anomalies in real time.

Real-time data generated at the smart factory site provides insight into how efficient individual processes are and which systems are performing poorly. The sheer size of big data can help you spot error patterns and run predictive quality assurance with high accuracy.

For Robots, Data Science

An advanced smart factory that enables optimal decision-making through reliable data collection is completed by adding robotic systems that provide instant tracking, detection, control and visibility.

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