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CUBRICK™, A new standard

From robust network performance, advanced interfaces, and versatile scalability, it sets new standards for AI automotive robotics.

Self-driving platform that provides strong AI self-driving performance and service development scalability

"With hyper-network platforms and advanced smart device technologies, INTEGRIT is proposing
a new set of future RaaS standards as a cloud system for control and control of next-generation autonomous drive platforms
and advanced multi-autonomous robots, based on fusion sensing, edge computing, and data correction and advancement."
AI Robotis

Introducing an advanced platform for intelligent robots.

CUBRICK adopts AP (Snapdragon) for high-performance smart devices,

nd is an operating system that combines Android and ROS, providing a development platform for next-generation social robots.

By supporting strong network function and smartphone ecosystem, we provide the best alternative to developing self-driving AI social robots,

including easy interworking and compatibility with legacy systems and content (APP) of various customers, service implementation and modification, implantation, and advancement

A compact and lightweight LiDAR e-vision sensing and cognitive algorithms, advanced path design (iSLAM),

and hybrid deep learning systems that combine sensors and high-resolution camera sensors enable active failure avoidance and sophisticated in-building autonomous driving.

It is a next-generation social robot platform that provides advanced in-building micro-driving, powerful communication functions, payloads, and various applications based on Android,

including 2D and 3D object recognition, lane type detection and classification, and free space measurement.

Cubrick enables multiple self-driving robots to implement intelligent Edge Intelligence, including collaboration, division of labor, goal setting, and operational monitoring through inter-device communication.

The launch of a successful AI service robot stems from a trusted self-driving platform

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AI Robotics

Delivery Robot

Provides a powerful payload

Social Robot

Android Operating System

ROS/ ROS2 Paskage

Serving Robot

Various Applications

Tech Support

Development kits and technical support enable powerful service robots to be deployed in the shortest period of time.

CUBRICK™ sets a standard.

큐브릭 알루미늄 구조

Advanced driving performance

The main frame is designed and implemented in a modular manner with high-strength aluminum to ensure excellent driving performance for various usage environments and distortion prevention.

Noiseless & Stability

The low-orbit and low-center design for 360 degree Omnidirectional sensing such as vision sensors, riders, and ultrasonic sensors enables high stability and noiseless driving.

High compatibility and durability

CUBRICK provides scalability for implementing various additional functions of social robots, such as air cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, road surface analysis and detection.

Flexibility for Seamless data

For stable data collection and fusion sensing of vision sensors such as LiDAR and cameras, stable service operation is ensured by installing suspension that effectively absorbs the impact of irregular ground.

High-performance fusion sensing

Offers a wide range of service interfaces, interaction and scalability, and open AI in conjunction with the 3rd Party

Connected Intelligence

Various built-in IoT sensors collect spatial data to help develop various cloud-based services. AI cloud and active edge computing provide all-ways intelligence.

Hyper Connectivity

Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon AP and Android operating system, it provides powerful network integration and hyperconnected environment, including Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things, and 5G mobile communication.


Autonomous with AI

Spatial information and SLAM data obtained through advanced fusion sensing provide fast and precise micro-autonomous driving performance with deep learning systems in the SynapTree™ cloud supported with error correction and acceleration.

Need some application for user services?
Are you ready for
user service for the robot?

CUBRICK is the industry’s first high-performance smart device-based Qualcomm Snapdragon AP and the next-generation social robot platform combining Android and ROS,

enabling powerful network capabilities, Android developer environments, and ecosystems to easily implement mobile applications that work with existing systems and web content.

It provides the best alternative for developing various services using autonomous AI robots.

CUBRICK™ Versatile application

CUBRICK supports powerful payloads up to 150Kg, and uses aluminum blocks and panel structures to provide durability and scalability

for the expansion and operation of media panels of various sizes and additional functions.

CUBRICK ‘s unique media delivery feature supports media panels of various sizes, allowing you to freely expand the area and size of your screen.


Enhanced Edge Computing

Dual Application Processor
Qualcomm Snapdragon & NVIDIA Xavier

Eco System Compatibility

Android OS (Application Layer)with ROS (Control Layer)
Android : 10.0 , ROS Kinetic / Melodic

Network Connectivities

WIFI Dualband , Optionl 4G/ 5G

Sensor Fusion & Autonomous

Lidar (2), Ultrasonic (10), 카메라(2) , 9Axis IMU
E비전센싱과 i퓨전, iSLAM connected Synaptree

Systemic Mechatronics

Dimension (L*W*H) : 700 * 700 * 350
Weight: 45 Kg / 54Kg(IS version), with Full Aluminum Body

Power Management

Li-Ion Battery 25.6V 1,760 Ah (STD)
Li-Ion Battery 25.6V 880Ah / 3,560 Wh (Optional)

Micro Accuracy

Velocity : 0.3m/s , 0.5m/s , 0.7m/s , 1.0m/s
Position Accuracy : +/- 30 mm , Docking Marker : +/- 10mm

Run Time

Task Mgnt : 8~10 Hours (Based on 70 Ah 기준)
Charging Time : within 2 Hours


CUBRICK provides targeted media delivery services optimized for space and objects through the AI media operation platform MediaGlide™.

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The Synaptree™ platform continues to evolve with a more professional big data analytics and machine learning.