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Technology and Value Transformation

The evaluation of innovative technologies results in human value. [INTEGRIT] is thinking about how our daily lives can be combined with innovative new technologies, technologies and innovations for everyone.

Honest goods and the best technology

The INTEGRIT brand captures the passion, faith, and will of all employees to fulfill their social responsibilities and corporate ethics, and to capture honest products and the best technologies.

The New Digital Revolution
The era of AI robotics begins.

FROM Beginning

Innovations that led the digital era with communication and computing are now leading a new superintelligence paradigm with the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

However, the belief that the world we will be living in is a place where autonomous individuals will struggle to maintain right judgment and to maintain justice, is disappearing.

We have become the main agents of creating vast amounts of data again, encountering new digital data such as news, e-mail, SNS, etc. every day. Our actions and thoughts are being stored in the form of big data on online cloud computers, and the experience and meaning are becoming new values again.

Digilog and Cyber Physical System have begun, a world where our daily offline is projected online in real time and it becomes one as someone else’s daily life, and a customized prediction service that analyzes exponentially increased big data at a rapid pace.

AI Robotics, a concrete way to make this big data safe and reliable knowledge and approach it as a convenience of everyday life, will be a concrete alternative to approaching the super-intelligence paradigm as a daily life.

TO the future

[INTEGRIT] is thinking about how our daily lives can be combined with innovative new technologies, and what we need to prepare for them.

Good technology should not be flaunted with difficult explanations. It delicately suggests a realistic alternative to the interaction between humans and AI, and furthermore, what role robots can play in our daily lives, and its speed and scope.

The innovator says, “The evaluation of innovative technology results in human value.”

[INTEGRIT] believes that technology and innovation should be for all of us by putting people before technology and by making it convenient to improve our daily lives.

I believe that creative technology and innovation should be shared with everyone, and that prosperity through it should be shared by all of us.

[INTEGRIT] technology and products are therefore considering further, pursuing a higher level of safety and convenience.

Core competencies

Smart device design, firmware development capability.

INTEGRIT is composed of experts in smart device development and design, such as smartphone and tablet design, firmware core, kernel, and API development to mount and implement Linux and Android operating systems in smart devices.

Cloud, embedded platform development capabilities.

The cloud development team, which includes experts in providing, designing and building systems for mobile users, terminals, and data systems, ensures the security and stability of Internet services that work with social robot devices, from provisioning to plug-in play, on-demand activation, security, and service upgrades and downloads.

AI system construction, service operation capabilities.

It provides optimized AI service consisting of AI system construction and design experts to efficiently synchronize vast amounts of real-time data, derive meaningful schema data, design data, and DB data and compare data error detection and correction.

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[INTEGRIT]'s Autonomous Intelligence & Robotics Lab is based on its 5G smart device core design and advanced device development capabilities to develop next-generation core technologies that will lead AI robotics in the future.


[INTEGRIT] says the cloud platform consists of more than 15 years of industry experts in high-tech embedded platforms and mobile system deployments, ensuring proven and secure service. INTEGRIT's control and operation (AROM) cloud system system enables various service development and operation by systematically collecting and managing Raas data such as sensing data, space and environmental information of multiple robots through experience and know-how in developing mobile communication subscribers and network management system.


The AI sound platform implemented on Android provides an update environment that works with a variety of services. INTEGRIT has developed a variety of smart device platforms that are flexible and scalable with accumulated smart device design capabilities and cloud systems.


Secure service is not possible with robots implemented as ROS open sources that are not safe from security and hacking. Unprotected from hacking (No encryption), no anti-hacker software, no privacy secure, and the robot's virus infection (abnormal code) advantage, INTEGRIT offers a special security package for AI robots.


INTEGRIT's advanced robotics products and service interfaces are interpreted from INTEGRIT's own perspective, which takes precedence over user experience, emotion, and convenience, and is completed in a high-quality design philosophy. INTEGRIT's executives and key members have been leading the way in mobile communications and cutting-edge smart device markets, leading change and innovation, and driving new paradigms. It presents innovations and directions that AI Robotics, a social robot for the future intelligence era, should have.


INTEGIT is joined by a collective intellectual group of top experts and advisors in communications, hardware, parts, and mechatronics.

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