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Accurate insight into the market
presents a sophisticated alternative
to future intelligence robotics


We begin by talking about the values and beliefs of all employees and innovations and challenges that bring about honest products and the best technology

Exceptional Insight, Integrit

A world where technology and daily life are exquisitely combined, creating a more convenient 'daily life' with 'technology', innovation is redefined.

With the task of leading change and innovation, finally solving problems and sharing outcomes, INTEGRIT looks further, has a broader perspective, and thinks deeper

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Staring in Wonder

The core philosophy of INTEGRIT products is to provide detailed alternatives to 'Hyper Intelligence'.

Already at home and at work, our daily lives are connected to a variety of network systems and Internet services, even in small places that are invisible. Every moment what we decide and choose is made into data, communicated, reacted to, and defined again as data through different interspecies Internet.

Reading and delivering each other’s thoughts and feelings, defining what we can understand with data, implementing a hyper network that can continue even at a small moment are the reasons why INTEGRIT never stops.

Staring in Wonder

High Integrity

INTEGRITY, which means truthfulness, accuracy, class, complete state, sanity, perfection, comes from the Latin word “integer,” which means “whole, complete.” It means that the values, beliefs, principles of the concept are more holistic and active than Honesty.

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The ROI Experts

INTEGRIT is a R&D-focused technology company that must prioritize creative challenges and innovation, and has the will of both management and executives to make stricter social responsibilities and moral ethics a key criterion for the company’s value.

Driving change and innovation

Best Practices

Thinking more in depth with a broader perspective. At INTEGRIT, we create ideas with many success and failure stories and delicately capture everything you imagine into our products.

Pioneering a path that doesn't exist yet

We strengthen trust together with high competence and responsibility. Autonomy and creative thinking are the most important drivers for INTEGRIT to move toward the future.

We constantly discuss and challenge things that everyone says will be impossible.

INTEGRIT, a robotics platform company, has secured an ecosystem for future intelligent robot services through next-generation robotics core technologies from advanced 5G communication modules and smart device design to embedded and cloud platforms, and through core platforms and solutions for future AI service robots and user-centered service robots.

Intelligent Services Robot Platform

High-performance sensor systems, advanced autonomous driving, and hyperconnectivity that ensures service interworking and access in any environment are the basic philosophy of INTEGRIT products. It provides a one-dimensional other robot platform that supports compatibility and interworking where robots communicate, intelligent robots connect with users, and supports open operating systems and service compatibility and download after-market.

Datasets and Cloud Systems

The success of the robot’s introduction depends on whether it can work seamlessly with Internet content and legacy systems. From authentication and registration of intelligent service robots, 5G integrated control for access and security, and data sharing and compatibility, INTEGRIT is preparing for the future era of “shared robots” that can share vast amounts of data generated by robots and fuse with ICT heterogeneous environments.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Areas Of Expertise

Based on insights into future hyper-intelligence, we provide key technologies for the development and service of next-generation intelligent service robots, from design of edge systems such as control, communication, and autonomous driving to datasets and contexts, data pipelines, and cloud platforms.

Hyper-Connectivity of Robot

The service robot's data blackout can cause serious accidents. To prevent this, it provides an environment where Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G are effectively integrated

Robot Data Platform

It creates an open robot data environment that is compatible with interworking that both developers and robot consumers can participate in.

Data Ecosystem

A single authentication system for anti-hacking of robot devices and services, data compatibility and connection for personal information security, and access system determine the success or failure of the robot business.

Data Observability

Reliable data makes better decisions, better safety, more efficient, and enables hyper-robotics that can be accomplished through collaboration between robots

Advanced cloud autonomous driving platform

INTEGRIT's self-driving platform has been adopted as the largest mega-place in Korea, and it has the highest field record of cumulative distance and operating time in Korea, and has a unique technological advantage and proven stability

Digital Twin and Spatial Information Services

It analyzes the environment, spatial information, and population data given to the robot, makes optimal choices, and manages the given missions autonomously

Qualcomm AP and Android-based Next Generation Robotics Platform

It is a Qualcomm Snapdragon-based embedded robotics platform that provides an operating system that integrates ROS and Android, and provides a high-performance high-tech service robot development environment such as advanced sensor linkage, autonomous driving, and datasets.

Multi-robot Control and Integrated Control Cloud

Systematic datasets and pipelines for service robots complete digital twin of service robots, including sophisticated remote control and integrated control of intelligent robots

Advanced AMR and Intelligent Robot Development

Based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon, 5G, cutting edge third-generation autonomous driving, and datasets and contexts, it develops and supplies next-generation AMRs and robotics products that support hyperconnectivity

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The basis of INTEGRIT Robotics,
Core technologies are there.

Network System Development

INTEGRIT was founded by experts with more than 20 years of global business know-how and experience in establishing mobile communication systems, service platforms, cloud systems, and technology alliances for 27 global telecommunication companies such as Samsung, LG, and Google and Sprint.

The fact that intelligent service robots are network products with network connectivity such as connection, connection, authentication, and security is the core of service robots and is becoming a core competitive edge of INTEGRIT.

Smart Device Development

It has unrivaled capabilities in the development of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, and is based on the experience and understanding of embedded software and device design of INTEGRIT such as the world’s first Android SoIP and tablet PC commercialization.

This is why INTEGRIT is the front runner in implementing service robots implemented in control and integrated designs such as Qualcomm Snapdragon’s advanced AP and Android framework and embedded platforms.

Think in a broader perspective, in more depth.

We strengthen trust together with high competence and responsibility.

Advanced third-generation cloud autonomous driving

It provides a cloud platform for precise and secure autonomous robots, including fusion sensing combined with LiDAR and stereo vision cameras, and cloud autonomous driving through advanced iSLAM, multi-robot authentication and security, mission design and operation, and control.
AI Autonomous, O&M Cloud Platform
Structures DBMS, Data Semantic

Next Generation Robotics Platform

It adopts Qualcomm's Smart AP Snapdragon and integrates Android and ROS, providing an optimal alternative to AI service robot development, including 5G network, service app and ecosystem, and various services linked to Internet content in real time.
Robot Platform & Development Kit
ROS & Android Packages

Open Robot Dataset and Pipelines

It makes a database of vast amounts of data generated from various autonomous robots and service robots. Structured data is efficiently combined and linked to legacy infrastructure, systems, content, and more, making it an asset for more advanced AI service deployments.
RaaS & AI Data Semantic
Connected with AI Service

Accumulated Commercialization Reference

CUBRICK is the nation's only robot platform with thousands of visitors a day to provide intelligent robotic services in complex and dense megaspace, and has been proven technology and safety with vast data exceeding 5,200 kilometers of cumulative driving
Robot Service Installation
Legacy services using robots

We Are Beyond

further advanced
Intelligent robots,
With a differentiated robotic service,
It adds value to the space

At INTEGRIT, we create ideas with many success and failure stories and delicately capture everything you imagine into our products.

It’s about driving change and innovation, finally changing the world and sharing its achievements, thinking deeper with a broader perspective.

We are offering concrete alternatives with products and technologies for the next generation of hyper-robotics

Driving technology for leading brands

Our Clients & Partners

The innovative technologies and creative products that INTEGRIT pursues are possible to practice the value of cooperation that we respect and share with industry-leading partners.

The fastest and most proven way to develop high-performance intelligent robots

An advanced robotics platform that combines powerful edge AI and cloud to support high-performance, cutting-edge robot development.