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We are completing future retails with high-functioning advanced robots.

Following Korea’s largest complex shopping mall “The Hyundai Seoul,” CUBRICK TS has been adopted as a cutting edge AI quarantine detection robot by Shinsegae Art & Science, the largest department store in the central region, and is recognized as the only proven and safe autonomous driving robot in Korea.

The only robotic system
to ensure customer safety
in Mega Place.

CUBRICK is the only self-driving company that has been verified for safety in mega shopping malls visited by tens of thousands of people a day, and indoor spaces with vast areas and no singularities.

Large mega-places such as large department stores and complex shopping malls attract tens of thousands of visitors a day in vast areas, and must ensure a very high level of safety with crowded and unpredictable customer traffic. Self-driving service robots inside must be based on the highest level of technology and verification. CUBRICK ‘s cutting-edge technology is accomplished by cloud-based data science and repeated verification over thousands of kilometers.

High-performance quarantine detection services add safety to customers and spaces.

CUBRICK TS detects customers who visit the store by autonomous driving and measures the fever of up to 16 people within 4M within 0.3 seconds, finds suspected patients wearing masks, asks customers to wear masks, and provides intelligent quarantine detection services through 5G real-time control services.

탐지 거리

최대 4m

동시 탐지 인원

최대 16명

발열여부 탐지

0.3초 이내

present at Korea's largest department store [The Hyundai Seoul].

Future Retail AI Media Robotics Cubic, which is joined by technology

CUBRICK is an AI media robot platform that responds to customers and environments with real-time content from high-performance macro LEDs, with a space full of fun stories, how to communicate with customers.

Enjoy Interactive Space with a most advanced robotics, CUBRICK

CUBRICK, which provides advanced quarantine detection services,
is thinking about a new future for intelligent robots.


The AIR Laboratory at [INTEGRIT] is based on its 5G smart device core design and advanced device development capabilities to develop next-generation core technologies that will lead AI robotics in the future.
INTEGRIT is pioneering the AI service robot market by securing core technologies across next-generation robotics including hyper-network, user-centered service expansion, AI social robots, and Android for service implementation, embedded design, and cloud platforms.


INTEGRIT's autonomous driving platform Synaptree adopts cloud-based autonomous driving that is calibrated and advanced in real time through the Android operating system and 5G network.
INTEGRIT's world-class AI self-driving core technology synchronizes real-time data from multi-sensors such as stereo camera, LiDAR, ultrasound, and so on, it can correct errors in driving routes through discrimination and contrast with space contexts stored in the cloud, and provides predictive models.


CUBRICK is the world's first media robot, and in conjunction with legacy services, provides ultra-fine target AI media services (AI Mobile Signage) based on context, such as population characteristics (gender, age, etc.) and spatial information. CUBRICK leads the space intelligence market with AI media resources that maximize the effectiveness of campaigns and personalized advertising optimized for specific targets.


Robots implemented with existing open platforms that are safe from security and hacking cannot provide safe service from hacking. From anti-encryption, robot theft and loss, robot data security, and robot virus infection (anomaly code) risk, INTGRIT provides a special security package for AI robots.

5G Integrated Control Cloud, FLYINGLET

Provides a high level of user service that matches advanced robotic systems. For the operation of service robots, we will upgrade the functions of advanced robots to the next level with one-stop flyinglet cloud interworking and operation, and 5G control services, including collaboration between robots, intelligent mission management, and efficient movement. Flyinglet Cloud, the best alternative for the various service operations ofcutting edge multi-robot, is working together.
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Mobility Media, CUBRICK

CUBRICK, an affective AI social robot that is familiar with space, is a mobility media platform based on fine location and population characteristics as an optimal alternative for future retailing.

AI quarantine detection mobility

With 800,000 cumulative data inputs, the verified AI quarantine mobility CUBRICK TS system has become a brand of safety and trust for COVID-19.

In addition to stable self-driving performance and media intelligence, the CUBRICK TS is adopted as a quarantine safety mobility robot that monitors customers for fever and no masks, determines abnormal situations, and provides notifications.

Hyperconnected Robotics Platform

Developed based on Intel-based Linux, Ubuntu, and industrial robots implemented as ROS open sources, robots cannot function and operate as service robots because they do not have a “platform” for service mounting and updating. Service robots need multi-tasking to collect and transmit multi-sensor data in real time through various communication systems, including 5G, and a robotics data framework to update functions and services. The vast amount of data generated by the robot must be collected effectively and various services can be freely supplied and updated. The ‘open platform’ for robots, where developers can easily participate and overflow with content and a variety of business models coexist, is the beginning and end of the success of service robots.

The participation of various companies through open services and open ecosystems of robots will determine the success or failure of service robots. INTEGRIT is developing a next generation robotics platform aimed at the global market with global AP companies.

INTEGRIT is developing a robot development platform for developing and distributing service robots based on strong 5G communication, edge computing, and ROS and Android compatibility systems.

Learn more about CUBRICK TS supply conditions and INTEGRIT’s special cloud services.

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