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The new era of 'future stores' requires 'retail tech' based on new technologies.

Advertising and commerce are fused, and the need for 'digital media platform', 'unmanned', and 'automated' are leading the digital transformation competition, new services for the era of future retail, future store intelligence, and new media platforms are demanding.

Digital technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, AR, VR, and AI robots are having a huge impact on the upcoming future retail market. The leadership of the retail market, the future media industry that is evolving by applying these digital technologies, depends on digital innovation.

AI interactive new media, CUBRICK, becomes a breakthrough solution for advanced space operation systems.

High-quality AI LED Display creates a classy space with high-quality objects that provide new media services. The completion of space investment for high-quality customer service with differentiated brands such as premium resorts and hotels can be completed with AI robots.

It is an AI interactive media that replaces the existing fixed signage and reacts with the customer's movement and delivers optimized content, making it a symbolic object that guides the space. Customers will be provided with content by location in the space in various ways (beacon, robot contact, behavior recognition).

New media that delivers powerful visual impact, providing digital integration and media convergence.

It is utilized in spaces and events that require strong visual impact such as concerts, launching ceremonies, and issue events to maximize the effect. Linked content can be made into issues in various ways (beacon, robot contact, behavior recognition).

It is an 'AI interactive media' that provides content optimized for space and user characteristics in connection with media art, and becomes a symbolic 'media object' in space. Customers will be provided with linked content by location in the space in various ways (beacon, robot contact, behavior recognition).

We protect the safety of our customers amid the persistent threat of COVID-19. CUBRICK has become a symbol of safety and trust.

Despite the persistent COVID-19 threat, quarantine safety to maintain precious daily lives, and gaining trust is a matter of corporate survival. CUBRICK, which is responsible for the quarantine of space with AI technology, becomes a 'symbolic object of safety and trust'. Customers get to trust the space that considers safety carefully.

What are the criteria for selecting AI robots for interactive space?

Check whether the robot's condition, driving, and service can be connected and updated to the Internet anytime, anywhere, and in a rapidly changing service environment, whether it is just a route driving device or an open-source industrial robot operated service.

“CUBRICK" is the world's first Android-based "AI Social Robot" that contains various Internet contents, real-time hot issues, and retail commerce, suggesting a new direction for service robots.

Cubrick is the world's first media robot with high-resolution microLEDs, and offers advanced fusion sensing and cloud autonomous driving, including advanced liDAR (2ea), high-resolution vision cameras (2ea), ultrasonic sensors (12ea). It is the best AI self-driving platform in existence and provides elegant alternatives for future retails and space intelligence with ultra-personalized AI media services such as spatial information and environmental context such as spatial information and facial recognition.

CUBRICK is a powerful media with high-performance micro LED.


Through proven, stable autonomous driving, CUBRICK can identify objects and pedestrians around itself, move to populated areas on its own, or expose customized content and advertisements by identifying population characteristics of nearby customers.   This intelligent content delivery can provide intelligent content optimized for time and space by exposing content, campaigns, and advertisements suitable for specific locations, stores, and time contexts, enabling innovative AI services to future stores.

CUBRICK, a cutting edge technology and the perfect fit for elegant space, will add class on the top.

CUBRICK, a high-quality service robot, is considered one of the best AI service robots in the industry, providing affective design, high-performance sensor systems and micro autonomous driving. CUBRICK is in the representative space with the best quality and brand. CUBRICK has become a symbol of class and high technology.

It provides powerful AI vision recognition functions such as people, space, and face and mobile services.

CUBRICK has been adopted as a quarantine safety mobility robot that checks the fever and mask recognition of many moving customers, and provides notification to customers who visit “The Hyundai Seoul” in addition to stable self-driving performance and media intelligence.

CUBRICK detects changes in space and environment in real time. It is an app interface that provides administrators with high-resolution thermal imaging cameras, suspected fever patients, maskless images, and snapshot information transmitted in real time from vision cameras, and only robotics platforms with a mobile network and an Android operating system.

INTEGRIT’s robotics platform enables real-time data extraction, database, and communication framework to quickly identify fever patients and maskless people in the crowd, and to control and monitor abnormal situations in real time through 5G and Android apps for immediate response to dangerous situations.

CUBRICK ensures the highest level of self-driving performance

INTEGRIT’s micro-autonomous driving system provides more sophisticated and advanced autonomous driving, including fusion sensing with high-resolution rider sensors, vision cameras, and ultrasonic sensors, and reliable obstacle avoidance and intelligent path design in conjunction with its own ‘synaptree’ (AI machine learning cloud).

Until now, most indoor self-driving robots, such as serving robots in restaurants, are guide driving robots that repeat only predetermined routes by installing markers on the ceiling or floor, while “CUBRICK” is the first commercialized next-generation AMR robot in the industry to avoid risks and determine driving routes through big data analysis.

CUBRICK enables the introduction of advanced robot services from the planning stage to the introduction, operation, and control.

AI Social Robot for INTERACTIVE SPACE, The New Standard


Thermal & Vision Fusion

CUBRICK applies high-resolution vision cameras and provides optimal facial recognition through a powerful vision sensor fusion. You can design various services because you can recognize them according to the customer, environment, and situation.

Safty tech with MOBILITY

The high-performance thermal camera adopted by the CUBRICK TS system is the highest specification of the world's high-temperature measurement equipment, measuring up to 16 people at a distance of 4m in 0.3 seconds, and detecting abnormal temperatures through facial recognition solutions.

Advanced Autonomous

The low-orbit and low-center design for 360 degree Omnidirectional vision sensing such as stereo camera, LiDAR, and ultrasonic sensor realize high stability and noiseless autonomous driving.

High Resolution Micro LED

Real-time interactive content, delivered through high-brightness flexible micro LEDs, delivers powerful attention with a beautiful robotic design, and captures customers' attention as a symbol of innovation and progress that overwhelms space.

Connected Intelligence

Built-in IoT sensors collect space and environmental data to enable a variety of cloud-based service extensions. The connection between AI cloud and active edge computing provides more advanced intelligent services.

관제 GUI

APP & User Interface

With an Android operating system, such as high-resolution thermal imaging cameras, vision cameras transmitting suspected fever patients in real time, and app interfaces that provide snapshot information, CUBRICK TS provides service apps optimized for customer needs.

Autonomous with AI

Spatial information and SLAM data obtained through advanced fusion sensing provide fast and sophisticated microautonomous driving performance with deep learning systems in the SynapTree™ cloud that are supported with correction and acceleration.

Operating & Management

CUBRICK has one-stop service introduction, operation, and control. The robot's specifications and status are integrated and managed, including registration, authentication, and security of the robot. It should be compatible with various heterogeneous robots, so that services can be expanded using robots.


Designed for logistics automation, the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) began as an industrial device to ‘automate’ repetitive and consistent operations with wires or magnetic patches installed on the ceiling or floor, and devices traveling through certain markers. For this reason, it is implemented at a low price and used as a serving robot, but it does not provide intelligent driving to avoid obstacles or judge driving routes on its own except for a given route. Also, it is impossible to operate in conjunction with various Internet services or systems because it does not have an operating system to expand functions or services.
On the other hand, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are robots that detect changing environments with various sensor systems and make optimal decisions on their own by aggregating data, without requiring any markers or intermediate aids. AMR is a system that requires high-performance CPUs and computing systems, and requires complex and sophisticated operating systems and device design technologies to be implemented.
INTEGRIT’s micro-autonomous driving system provides more sophisticated and advanced autonomous driving, including fusion sensing with high-resolution rider sensors, vision cameras, and ultrasonic sensors, and reliable obstacle avoidance and intelligent path design in conjunction with its own ‘synaptree’ (AI machine learning cloud).
The CUBRICK TS system is the world’s first commercialized robot quarantine detection system that detects suspected fever patients and non-masked people by installing high-resolution laceration cameras and facial recognition AI solutions in precision autonomous driving robots.
The high-performance thermal camera, adopted by the CUBRICK TS system, is the world’s best thermal measurement equipment, and measures up to 16 people at a distance of 4M in 0.3 seconds to detect abnormal temperatures or detect suspected unmasked people.
The success or failure of future service robots is to capture Internet services and content, trends, and user needs. This is whether we can create an ecosystem (BM) that involves both users and service developers, robot operators, and content providers, and the core lies in the robot’s platform.
INTEGRIT’s first self-developed and secured service robot platform is a platform for developing a next-generation service robot that combines Android and ROS for smart devices, enabling an open AI service robot that supports strong network function, security, and Android ecosystem.
Robot specifications and conditions should be integrated and managed through registration, authentication, and security of autonomous robots for various purposes. Big data acquired by robots should be visualized as a significant asset and expandable to a variety of services.
Real-time optimal robot selection, operation, and collaboration should be possible considering the robot’s condition and mission suitability.
INTEGRIT introduces robots and develops services, interworking and expanding systems, and integrated real-time control of robots.

From DB systems that integrate operations to interface modules that provide high compatibility and scalability for users and services’ legacy infrastructure and content systems, we provide an integrated robot control cloud platform for collaboration, management, control, and control.

Currently, most robots based on industrial robots, Intel’s robot platform, and ROS open source have no alternative to 5G, authentication and security, anti-hacking, and ecosystems, and the direction of global robot companies is clear: service robots.

INTEGRIT is cooperating with global chipset companies by integrating ROS, which is widely used in existing robots, and Android operating system, which has a vast ecosystem.

Robots with an integrated Android operating system allow robot operators and customers to freely develop and download robot services, and upgrade functions and specifications like the environment of smartphones. Therefore, the functions and services provided by the robot are easily developed by Android applications and can be freely linked with existing Internet services and contents.

From collaboration with a variety of multi-robot to external applications, advertising books, dashboards, kiosks, force equipment, back-end AI cloud and corporate intranet systems, it can now be integrated and linked as an element of the Internet value chain of service robots.

CUBRICK is the world’s first media robot, providing differentiated services such as spatial information, environmental context information, advertising, and campaigns, and implementing various business strategies in conjunction with legacy services.
CUBRICK ‘s high-brightness LEDs, sensuous design and real-time interactive content provide strong attention and attract customers’ attention.
CUBRICK has become an advertising platform and media asset that identifies objects and pedestrians around it through stable autonomous driving, exposes customized content and advertisements by identifying population characteristics of surrounding customers, and sends designated content (campaigns, advertisements, etc.)

As advertising and commerce converge and user needs for ‘digital media platform’, ‘unmanned’, and ‘automated’, competition for AI and digital transformation intensifies, new service platforms and new media platforms are required for the era of future retail, future store intelligence.

As a concrete alternative to this “space intelligence,” INTEGRIT is offering ways to communicate with space for the future and customers.

In addition to stable self-driving performance and media intelligence, CUBRICK is a gateway robot that determines the population characteristics of a large number of moving customers and provides online content to offline customers by connecting with legacy Internet services and content.

‘ CUBRICK ‘, which contains a variety of Internet content, real-time interests, and space intelligence strategies, is presenting a new standard for ‘social robots’.

INTEGRIT’s AI robot applies high-resolution vision cameras and provides optimal facial recognition functions through powerful vision sensor fusion for intelligent services according to environment, population characteristics, and situation information.

However, it does not store or transmit data such as photos and images of the customer’s face by extracting the characteristic values of the acquired customer’s facial recognition data.  

INTEGRIT is in strict compliance with all laws regarding privacy laws.

INTEGRIT’s AI robot provides powerful AI vision recognition functions such as objects, people, and faces.

CUBRICK applies high-resolution vision cameras and provides optimal facial recognition through a powerful vision sensor fusion. You can design various services because you can recognize them according to the customer, environment, and situation.

Identification of objects approaching and moving (within 20 m), (within 5 m face recognition)

The facial recognition/face recognition function can perform facial recognition and characteristics within 1 second using a minimum of 106 to 240 points (5ms/frame real-time processing speed).

In addition, various facial expressions and gender/age/feel/situation can be determined through the recognition of the person’s gesture.

The operation of the AI service robot system is a combination of the operation of medium and large cloud systems to provide real-time content services for customers, and the management and maintenance of robots.

For CUBRICK’s introduction and service operation, the subscription fee to the cloud service will be charged as a monthly fee along with the supply of robots.

The supply of robots provides various methods such as purchase model, installment plan, and long-term financial lease of the product.

The cloud service subscription fee is for services provided through real-time connected networks and cloud systems such as AI autonomous driving of robots and media services. Unlike conventional robots that repeat simple functions, they provide flexible services linked to real-time content, which requires access to AI platforms and cloud systems, and maintain the best robot quality and service condition through safe remote control, device authentication, security, and regular robot inspection.

The operation of the CUBRICK AI robot can be an important infrastructure asset for the hub and digital transformation that can expand customer content and services by databasing customer movement and density, population characteristics, and content exposure and advertising effects.

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