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Open Robotics Platform, AirPath

Open Robotics
Hyper Robotics

The next-generation robotics platform
that combines high-performance
onboard edge AI and AI cloud,
providing a one-stop key Solution
for advanced robotics systems

Integrit’s unique robotics platform adopts Qualcomm’s cutting-edge 5G Snapdragon and Android to provide the fastest and most proven robot development environment that provides compatibility and interoperability, such as powerful connectivity and on-device AI-Connected cloud.

The Next Steps
Accelerrating the Hyper-Clouds

The required open platform for service robots frees robots from functional upgrade restrictions and enables data compatibility and interworking between different robots.

Advanced service robots,
Why can't we capture our daily lives that have adapted smart-technology?

We already have a lot of robots in our futuristic factories and industrial sites. These “mechatronics” and “industrial” robots have now expanded their domain and emerged numerous times, advocating “social robots” that communicate with people and exchange emotions. However, it has failed over and over again without exception. What is the cause of the “service robot for customers” attempt?

The Hyper Robotics platform started based on core assets of smart & mobile technology.

Integrit's unique robotics platform began with the ability to design smart devices and build mobile communication systems. Qualcomm's cutting-edge 5G Snapdragon, ROS, and Android help to quickly and easily develop high-performance robot systems with optimized compatibility and scalability​

Effectively combined high-performance edge AI with the cloud to empower robot intelligence and improve problem-solving capabilities.

In preparation for various unpredictable field issues and problems, network latency and blackout, the local robot system must be able to cope with itself. The safety of the intelligent system completed with the AI cloud is guaranteed by the powerful edge AI.

With a shared and open robot platform, we prepare business models and service ecosystems after launch

It provides robot registration and access, authentication and linkage, and security environment. We are opening a robot data service that can be upgraded and expanded with contents and services in the aftermarket to share resources.

For sharing spatial data
Systematic datasets and
Data Pipeline

Security issues such as hacking and viruses of open-source robots have raised serious concerns for intelligent robot developers and customers who need to provide customer service by introducing them in a network and handling personal information.

The standard authentication system of robots for anti-hacking of robot devices and services, data compatibility and connection system for personal information security, etc. has become an urgent issue for robot developers, service developers using data, and customers who need to introduce multi-robot.

Open robot and data ecosystem
for hyper-robotics to communicate with robots.

AIRPATH is a robot data platform that enables interworking and compatibility with autonomous driving and intelligent service robots.

AirPath provides a development environment for advanced robotics products through optimized embedded edge AI and cloud. A digital environment where various smart devices are used enables advanced mobility and robotics services in which services and contents are integrated, compatible, and interoperated.

Standardize sensor data of advanced service robots and maximize utilization with open robot services through strong connectivity.

The AirPath platform presented by INTEGRIT is an embedded integrated framework for various operating systems, including Linux and Android, for authentication, security, access and control of various intelligent service robots. Access environments for advanced service robots, data quality can be provided, and a certified service platform can accelerate the commercialization of open robots to ensure service compatibility and expansion.

INTEGRIT’s open robotics framework effectively sends vast amounts of data from robots to the cloud, allowing developers to easily participate and expand into an “open robot business” for robots with overflowing content and various business models.

AirPath Innovations

provides an optimal solution for next-generation robots and mobility with a versatile open framework

Integrit’s unique Android and ROS integrated embedded framework which is consists of an integrated framework from cloud-based autonomous driving solutions to AI vision detection, dataset processing and authentication, and security provides an innovative solution for the development of next-generation mobility and service robots.

Key Solutions

Provides a proven all-in-one integrated hardware package for advanced mobility and intelligent robot implementation

Provides immediate and practical alternatives such as AI vision recognition, access and control, interlocking, and compatibility datasets, security, and advanced autonomous driving for the development of AI robotics products such as high-performance mobility, service robots, and drones.

5G Connectivity

Supports powerful connectivity
and the latest 5G profile
to respond for versatile markets.

AirPath provides concrete alternatives for 5G, including mainstream, enterprise, and specialized networks in global sub-6GHz and mmWave bands.

Edge AI Combination

High-performance on-device AI computing provides a powerful edge AI service environment

Risks caused by network latency and blackouts pose risks to the entire robot system.
The high-performance AIC100 chipset, which supports 70~200 Tops of ultra-low power, supports powerful edge AI functions that require high-speed multi-performance.

Open Environment

Provides various and practical technical support and open structure for 3rd party compatibility and expansion

 For the installation and support of various embedded solutions and expanded AI and ML models, we aim for an open-structured embedded platform

The advanced Airpath Robotics platform, based on Qualcomm’s AP chipset-based 5G communication module and extensions that support AI acceleration chips, is equipped with the best scalability, such as multiple GPIO ports and Ethercat for multi-camera and vision sensor expansion.
The proven Airpass Robotics platform provides optimized development tools for the rapid development of next-generation, high-functionality mobility and intelligent robots.


AI Autonomous

Security & Anti Virus

Edge AI

Eco system

Development Kit

Introduce the architecture of the embedded framework for advanced intelligent robots.

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